The mission of the Liturgy Committee is to offer the people of St. Francis of Assisi Parish worship experiences that foster a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. The committee is actively and directly connected and concerned with all of the aspects of the liturgical and sacramental life of the parish. It develops and establishes parish objectives, with attention to the specific needs of our faith community and with fidelity to Roman Catholic norms. The committee is responsible for discerning the parish’s worship/liturgical/prayer needs;  coordinating the planning and scheduling of liturgical celebrations for seasonal and special celebrations; coordinating, supporting, and evaluating all liturgical ministries in the parish (i.e. readers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers, lectors, cantors, musicians, etc.), and ensuring compliance with the liturgical directives, guidelines, norms, and policies of the parish, the Archdiocese of Hartford, and the Church Universal.