Buildings & Grounds Support

The mission of the Building and Grounds Committee is to provide a comfortable, safe, secure, and healthy environment that supports the pastoral mission of St. Francis of Assisi Parish and all its ministries. The committee monitors the maintenance of the church, church hall, church offices, rectory, convent, the exterior of the school, as well as the grounds and parking areas.

Responsibilities include: maintaining a list of “door checkers” who verify the security of the church building each evening; regularly inspecting the buildings and grounds to insure proper upkeep and identifying repairs and changes that need to be made; selecting contractors and obtaining quotes for repair work that is beyond the scope of normal maintenance; assisting outside vendors with access to church facilities and verifying that the work is done as agreed; working with the pastor, parish council, and finance committee to identify, remedy and finance maintenance and improvements to church facilities; and assuming other duties related to the physical plant as requested by the pastor or parish council.